Time To Talk Day – How Did It Go?

Promotion of good mental health is something that is very important to me. The promotion of self care and signposting to appropriate services is something that in my opinion makes a massive difference to anyone suffering with mental health issues. I spoke about Time To Talk Day in my last post and about how I was planning to promote the cause in my workplace – on my day off no less! Continue reading

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February 1st is #TimeToTalk Day!

I’ve written about mental health here many times. My mental health, mental health in the workplace and all kind of other things. Did you know that this coming Thursday 1st Feb is Time To Talk Day? A day where we can open up and really make some noise about the importance of good mental health.

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We Have A Two Year Old!

Technically, we’ve had a two year old for almost a month now! On December 14th, the Girl Who Changed Everything turned two whole years old. And she did it at Walt Disney World, Florida. We had a great day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios having breakfast with her Disney Junior favourites and meeting Star Wars characters. Here’s how Eden is doing at two years old…

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Our Night In With Go Binge

Before we had a toddler, people used to tell us how hard it was to press pause on life. Toddlers are always on the move, always getting into things and always one step away from breaking something or themselves. So, when mobile network Three asked us to have a “Night in With Go Binge”, needless to say we were up for it!

A handy parcel arrived from Three, packed full with a cosy blanket, a popcorn maker, popcorn and everything else you need for a cosy night in front of the box! We haven’t yet taken Eden to the cinema to see a full length film (unless you count The Force Awakens at 9 days old…) so we figured this would be a good opportunity to test out whether she actually could sit still for the duration! 24099001_10159788931530171_1635901164_n

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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For…

I wanted to write about something that happened at work recently. I’m going to go right ahead and put a trigger warning here as this post will be discussing issues surrounding baby loss, stillbirth and neonatal death. Please make sure you’re in a good place before reading on.

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When Everything Goes Right…

Today I had one of those days that reminded me why I wanted to become a parent in the first place. We had been invited along to the Parent Blogger Day at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, and I had gone back and forth on whether we would actually go or not. Amy was working and the idea of Eden potentially having a tantrum while it was just me and her was a lot to handle. Plus, holding her on the reins and steering the buggy is not one of my talents, especially with the buggy’s tendency to veer to the left and Eden’s tendency to veer… well… everywhere. I had a tough day yesterday and I didn’t feel like I wanted it to continue into today.  Continue reading

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REVIEW – Hook-A-Monster Crochet Class

A little while ago I decided that I was going to learn to crochet. I’d seen some tiny sloths online and fancied making some fuzzy faced, claw-handed little friends for myself. ‘How hard can it be?‘ I thought. Erm… hard. The first night I tried to crochet, I ended up with nothing but a large knot and pretty much launched my pointy hook across the room. I’d purchased a magazine that promised their “Christmas dog” pattern was for beginners. I’m not sure what kind of “beginner” they meant, but it was definitely not me!

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