Keeping Sun Safe With Vision Express

Eye health is not something that has always been top of my agenda. I didn’t get my first eye test until I was eight or nine years old and that was when I got my first pair of glasses. Nowadays I’m a contact lens wearer and am meticulous about my eye health. Knowing how bad it can go if lenses aren’t cleaned regularly and properly is enough reason to take care!

But what about Eden? We don’t have any concerns about her vision, but when Vision Express contacted us with some information about keeping sun safe, we swotted up!


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Our Trip to Pittsburgh

We have friends all over the world, some of whom we met through our infertility journey. Despite the warnings as a teen to be careful online and such, some of my favourite people are those that I have met on the big scary internet. A couple of these friends came to stay with us last year, so this year it was out turn to visit them in Sunny Pittsburgh. 35784721_10160673739260171_4181401566055497728_n

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Why Pride is a Protest

It’s that time of year again. Rainbow flags, unicorns, glitter and all things fabulous. There are rainbows all around and companies changing their display picture on Facebook to a rainbow version of their logo. All good, because Pride is just one big party, right?


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Self Care Bags and NHS 70 Stars

Mental Health is often top of my list of priorities. Especially working within healthcare, I often say that you can’t pour from an empty bucket. You need to look after you first before you can care for anybody else. Of course that goes for clinicians, but also for administrators like myself. You can’t do your best work without being your best self.

For Time To Talk Day back in February, I did a mini initiative at work in which I handed out “self care bags” in my department. These went down really well, so Amy and I decided to make the next one bigger and better! You can read about the original initiative here. Continue reading

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Infertility, Me and The Great Sibling Debate

It’s been almost three years since we got our rainbow baby. Almost three years since we finally achieved what we had dreamed about for so long. Almost three years since we held our brand new baby in our arms – our baby. Our little girl. For many, that signalled the end of our infertility journey, but the scars left behind are hardly surprising.


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TECHNOLOGY SHOWDOWN – Iphone X vs Samsung S9 Plus

On Sunday 18th March (it was a while ago. I know, I know, I suck!!) I had the pleasure of joining Three (Yes, the mobile network) and a group of other bloggers on a photo walk around London to compare the camera features on the IPhone X and the Samsung S9 Plus.

We met up with Kellee from Three and Photographer Rob outside Bermondsey station at 11am ready to learn how to do that photo thing.

Full disclosure here now! For me this event was going to be the deciding factor between remaining with my IPhone or upgrading to the Samsung S9 plus As soon as I possibly could. *Spoilers* I’m posting this from my shiny new S9!!!!!! Continue reading

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Kids Say The Strangest Things!

We all know that some strange stuff comes from the mouths of children. From the complete randomness that they sometimes spout, to the oddly empathetic stuff that makes you think they must be wise beyond their years.

Yesterday, Eden said something to me that damn near made me cry into my Pepsi Max in Subway…

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