My Mum, Eden and Me

Eden has a grandmother that she will never meet. My mum passed away when I was nineteen – nine years before Eden was born. At the time of her passing, her never meeting my child wasn’t something I really concerned myself with. At that age, I didn’t want kids anyway, but it’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to since Eden came into our lives. I know her grandmother would dote on her as all of her grandparents do, and there has always been a part of me that is sad that they never met.  Continue reading

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Eden, Doctor Visits and Me

A few days ago was mine and Amy’s eighth wedding anniversary. Eight years since our civil partnership, which is crazy. What is funny is that neither of us actually remembered until Facebook told us on the day! As it turns out, Amy was scheduled to work and I had booked my (well overdue) smear test. This left me with a moral dilemma – Do I take her with me? Do I try to arrange childcare? In the end, I decided to suck it up and take her with me. There was no point asking someone to have her for the literally fifteen minutes that it took for me to have the exam. Continue reading

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Making Potty Training Fun with Family Seat

We’ve been potty training with Eden for what seems like forever. We’ve been following her lead and trying to let her do it in her own time, but isn’t it frustrating? One of the things that have annoyed me most is the kerfuffle with having to put her little seat on the loo every time she needs to go, and having to do it before she pees on the floor. You know how toddlers go from “I’m fine” to “I need to pee RIGHT NOW” in seconds? There’s no time for faffing, so when Family Seat offered to send us over their “Talia” model, I said yes pretty quickly!

Continue reading

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Fear As A Parent.

When I became a parent, I expected stress. I expected absolutely all consuming love. I expected a challenge like no other. What I didn’t expect, though, was fear. Well, I expected a little bit. I didn’t expect it to be crippling, and I didn’t expect it to turn me into the kind of person who cries in the pub over something that was absolutely nothing, but could have been something.  Continue reading

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That “V” Word and Me…

I grew up calling it a tuppence. I’ve heard Lady Garden, bits, privates, snatch, front bum, money box (?!) and many other cutesy names for that part that all of us that are biologically female have: a vulva.

We’d said from day one that we would teach Eden the anatomical names for her genitals, but there’s something about the word “vulva” that just sounds… unpleasant. It probably comes as part of that big old thing called The Patriarchy, but even knowing that we should encourage anatomical names, we still shied away. We had taught Eden, but more often than not it was just “bits” or sometimes “foof”.

That was until last week. Continue reading

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Reverse Mentoring & Me

A few weeks ago, I signed up at work to “reverse mentor” a member of the executive team. The advert from the Chief Executive read

Could you be my mentor? We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate and committed mentors (working in any role at any level) who would like the opportunity to build a relationship with a senior leader, to share their diversity story and help create a more inclusive workforce.”

and I thought ‘I could do that.’ I signed up and was successful. A week or so ago, I went along to my training session with eighteen or so other trainee mentors. Continue reading

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Anxiety and Me

“But you look fine! You should just be more positive.”

People have this idea of what anxiety looks like. They have a preconceived notion of what somebody who suffers with anxiety should be doing or saying. Even doctors have a list of “things” that they expect somebody with anxiety to be doing. It’s part of the stigma attached to mental health problems, because for a lot of people anxiety doesn’t look how you think it ‘should’. I’m one of those people. Continue reading

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